Duct Tape Marketing

We are honored to be among a select group of Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultants. This marketing system has been used by thousands of small businesses to grow their companies. It is simple, effective, and affordable; and, just like its namesake, it is sticky and trustworthy. Whether you realize it or not, as a business owner, you are in the business of marketing. If you are going to succeed you need to have a clear and easily communicated marketing strategy.

Most small business owners are too busy running their businesses. They don’t think of themselves as marketers. When they do direct their attention to marketing, it is typically piecemeal and basically involves copying something they have seen or heard that looks like it’s working for others.

There are a few problems with this approach. One, it doesn’t work. You become just another company is a sea of sameness that doesn’t set you apart. It is also dishonest. Like plagiarism and forgery, it will damage any trust you are trying to establish when you are discovered as a copycat. The fact is most people don’t respond to marketing that looks the same as what everyone else is doing. They simply tune you out.

This doesn’t make you a bad person, but it doesn’t allow you to tell your prospective customers the real story about the wonderful value you have to offer.

There is another type of small business marketing that is related to copycat marketing, and is even worse for your business – Ostrich Marketing. You can probably guess what that is. Some business owners simply have no idea what to do about marketing, so they do nothing. They stick their head in the sand and hope. You can easily figure out the results of this choice.

Duct Tape Marketing 7 Steps

The Duct Tape Marketing system is built on 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success. You can sign up for your free copy of our 15-page explanation of these steps in the sign up box on this page. Here’s a brief preview of what we cover:

  1. Develop Your Strategy before Tactics. All tactical decisions should be filtered through your strategy to see if they support the overall marketing strategy. 
  2. Embrace The Marketing Hourglass™. This approach requires special attention to the creation of systems and processes which move prospects logically along the path of know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat, and refer.
  3. Adopt the Publishing Model. Consistent production of content, such as success stories, testimonials, blog posts, content that educates, e-books, and online seminars, are major components of the new marketing system. 
  4. Create a Total Web Presence. Today’s business must be easily found online, easily engaged online, and easily communicated with online. This requires a major focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media participation. 
  5. Orchestrate a Lead Generation Trio. A fully functioning lead generation includes advertising, public relations, referrals. 
  6. Drive a Lead Conversion System. Most businesses view marketing as simply lead generation only, when the true measure of success is lead conversion. 
  7. Live by the Marketing Calendar. Marketing momentum requires consistent work over the long term and is best managed by creating a marketing calendar.

Commit to these 7 steps and watch your business grow. Don’t wait any longer. “One of these days…” thinking always ends up being “None of these days”. Fill out the form at the top of this page on the right side to get your free copy of the detailed 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success right now.

Questions? Give us a call.

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