5 Tips To Improve Content Marketing After Google’s Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird Update

Content Marketing has become even more important with Google’s Hummingbird update. For many years, search engines have ranked your web real estate by matching keywords or phrases typed in a search box to keywords that appeared on your blog or web page. Quite simply, search results were based on the user’s perspective, but Google decided [...]

Embracing Social Selling Is Just Smart Business

Embrace Social Selling

There is no doubt that social media tools offer today’s business a unique opportunity to use every sales and marketing strategy to attract and engage millions of potential customers. Let’s look at a few reasons why embracing social selling in the digital age is just smart business. Social Selling Is No Longer A Luxury But [...]

5 Ways To Make Social Selling Your Customer’s Idea

Customer Idea

There should be little doubt that social media can be very good for business. When a website or blog visitor shares your web content on Google Plus, likes it on Facebook, or tweets about it on Twitter, it boosts your online reach. Not only does it increase website traffic, but it can also increase lead [...]

What Social CRM Can Mean For Your Business

Customer Relationship Managment

Social customer relationship management could be quite simply described as the supercharged version of the older CRM strategy. Not only do you have all your contacts in one convenient place, but you can engage them across all channels of social media. Let’s look at what social CRM can mean for your business. CRM Software Will [...]

Social Selling and Nurturing Online Dialogue

Dialogue over coffee

Social selling might sound like a redundant term at first until you realize how different selling works when on social media. Many of those who grew up learning face-to-face selling techniques might need new training in the process of using social selling for lead generation. But in some regards, some of the same techniques are [...]

Don’t Forget To Develop An Email Marketing Strategy

Forgetful Email

The social media hype is real; so consumers will continue to log into their email accounts through Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops, etc. Whether, they forgot their LinkedIn password, or had a confirmation email sent to them, heavy online users will never cease to use their email. In this crazy digital world internet users pretty much need [...]

Create Buyer Personas to Target Customers

Buyer Persona Stereotype

Email marketing experts are always coming up with creative ways to find prospects in quicker and more efficient ways. More recently, the age of the buyer persona has emerged as one of the leading ways toward gearing emails that sound more personal. But how can that be done so you can make your emails sound [...]

Will Twitter’s Lead Generation Card Improve Leads?

twitter leads (2)

Social media marketing keeps evolving as much as the rest of online marketing does. And it needs some evolving in the social media world where the process of lead generation has been a bit stuck without any forward momentum. Up until recently, finding leads on places like Twitter or Facebook has required more detailed work [...]

How Strong Should Your Online Content Be?

Strong Content

Using online content as part of your lead generation process can make a significant difference in converting visitors into real customers. However, in the era of content marketing, you have to make your content much more compelling to attract someone to visit your website. How you do that involves understanding your prospects as much as [...]

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