6 Keys to Lead Generation Success


Lead GenerationEffective lead generation doesn’t come easily. Have you noticed? Of course lead generation without a sound marketing strategy barely comes your way at all. For our purposes today we will assume you have a strategy in place.

Let me ask you a simple question: How hard do you work to get leads? Pretty darn hard I would guess. Especially in this economic environment.

I don’t actually know any company where leads overflow all on their own. Let’s assume you all work very hard to get leads, and you want to make sure you convert as many as possible into sales. No brainer, right? So, what’s your process for doing that – converting leads to sales? Don’t have one, or at least one that’s real effective? Answer these 6 questions and start getting that process in place and humming along.

  • Do you send requested information immediately? Immediately, I mean like right away? Do have electronic versions you can send via email or allow downloads from your website? Do you keep sufficient supplies of printed material on hand, or have the ability to print on demand? Can you get the request to the right person in your organization as soon as it comes in?
  • Do you have a database in place to capture those inquiries? Do you have people or outside services to enter the data quickly?
  • Do you have a process to evaluate leads before sending to sales? Statistically over 75% of all leads are not “sales ready”, and sales people will usually label them as lousy leads and ignore them. Do you have a process in place to prevent that? Do have agreement with sales as to what qualifies as a sales ready lead?
  • What is your process to distribute sales ready leads? Sales ready should equal “hot”. How do you get them into their hands quickly? Can your sales people gain access from their smart phones? Does your lead system integrate with your contact management or email systems?
  • Do you have a lead nurturing process? A process to address the 75% of inquiries that are not sales ready. Does your marketing program include a process using email, snail mail, social media, or phone to keep in touch with those prospects and feed them educational material until they’re ready to buy?
  • Do you have the proper measurement and tracking systems in place? Do you know which lead generation campaigns deliver the highest sales results? Can you determine your cost per lead, cost per qualified lead, and cost per sale? Can you track which nurturing tactics worked best? Most importantly, can you show the big boss how all of this gives him/her increased market share and sales?

Develop the programs and systems to provide the answers to these questions and you’ll be well on your way to growing your business. Have I left anything out? What has your experience been with lead generation and follow up?

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  1. very informative…i think if most of the answers are in positive only then it means you are actually striving hard to generate leads and you are competent enough to generate quality leads but if most of the answers are in negative then it means something is wrong in your marketing method and you need to think over it.
    Anyways thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Phil Lauterjung says:

    Thanks for your comment, and you are very correct. Always keep in mind that lead generation is only part of an effective overall marketing strategy. If you don’t first identify and create a profile for your ideal clients; and, couple that with a marketing message that differentiates you from your competitors you won’t get the high quality leads you’re looking for. Grab a free copy of our 7 Steps to Business Marketing Success for an overview of what a good marketing system can do for any business.

  3. Lead generation
    Our process is simple –

    1.) Target websites – One product one website aiming at a customer looking for that particular product or service.

    2.) Driving the customer to the website via Seo , social media , targeted email marketing , targeted sms marketing.

    3.) Very simple user interface , to ensure the prospect connects with us quickly as possible on a click.

    4.) Inquiry comes into the system and is forwarded to a live human specialist who is well trained on that particular product.

    5.) Telemarketer will call the web lead and validate the information as closely as possible within the criteria mentioned by you.

    6.) Validations will check the intent level of the customer and how soon does he want to proceed , with the deal.

    7.) We will fix a perfect call back time that suits you and the customer and also brief the customer who will be contacting them to finally take this forward and close the same very quickly.

    8.) The lead Generation is forwarded to you real time via live feeds and our super evolved LMS and we always suggest you also offer real time feedback to ensure if anything we can do to convert a not interested to an interested we do so.

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